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Best Value Bundle Purify O3 Cpap Sanitizer and Cleaner

$189 $ 99
SKU : 254578958457 Category : CPAP Accessories & Supplies

Trusted USA Seller and USA Customer Service - Give Us A Try! BONUS: Includes 2 Replacement Cpap Tubes and Mask Cleaning Wipes from CleanCpap.net WHY USE PURIFY O3 FOR PAP TUBING & MASK CLEANING? ---PAP tubing can be a breeding ground for bacteria, germs or mold due to their coiled design. The ringed ridges on the interior are difficult to clean and disinfect with just soap and water. Purify O3 generates ozone which permeates the tubing to sanitize the small, hard to reach ridges effectively. ---Purify O3 is a safe and effective way to clean PAP equipment and kills 99.99 percent germs and bacteria. FDA registered. CUSTOMERS PREFER PURIFY O3 FOR ITS EASE OF USE! ---Universal design works with any mask, tubing and PAP humidifier/machine. A heated tubing adapter is included for use, if required.

Additional Information
Brand Purify O3
Model 190-6000
Type Sanitizing Machine
UPC Does not apply