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Nasivent Tube Plus - Anti Snoring Type - Size XL - double set

$20.72 $ 14.5
SKU : 325239634049 Category : Nasal Dilators

The newly developed Nasivent Tube Plus is used worldwide to improve nasal breathing and to prevent snoring. By using Nasivent , the air supply is noticeably increased and nasal breathing is improved. Nasivent Tube Plus offers a comfortable fit and is already recommended by more than 700 ENT doctors.

Additional Information
Brand Nasivent
Color Transparent
EAN 4260259466897
MPN 46583
Number of Units 1
Suitable For Sports, nasal spray replacement, cpap, Nasal Congestion, nasal entry stenosis, Allergy, nose surgery, Deviated nasal septum, snoring
Type Nasal Dilators